Airu Kubozuka Has Left Children of the Sea Film due to Voice Change

Min Tanaka, Win Morisaki (Ready Player One) newly join the cast


The official website for the forthcoming anime film Kaiju no Kodomo/Children of the Sea announced today

that 16-year-old Airu Kubozuka, who was originally cast as one of three protagonists, Sora, has left the film

due to voice change.


Kubozuka says, "I was terribly sorry for the inconvenience to the staff, for it was difficult to perform with

stable voice due to my voice changing period. It's very unfortunate, but I had to decide to leave the role.

I am looking forward to the completion of the film, driven by regret."


19-year-old Seishu Uragami, best known as Kei Shinomiya in the Tomodachi Game live-action adaptation

series, is newly set to voice the character. In addition, 74-year-old dancer Min Tanaka and 28-year-old

Win Morisaki (Ready Player One) join the voice cast. Tanaka voices marine biologist Jim, the guardian

of Sora and Umi, while Morisaki plays Jim's ex-partner Anglade, who has been chasing the secret of the

two boys.




The release date of the anime film adaptation of Daisuke Igarashi's award-winning fantasy manga is

set for June 7, 2019. 52-year-old Ayumu Watanabe (After the RainGurazeni) serves as director at

Studio 4°C (Tekkonkinkreet, Berserk: Golden Age Arc). 



60-second official trailer 1


Main poster visual  



Main voice cast:

  • Ruka Azumi: Mana Ashida (14/Mako Mori in her childhood in Pacific Rim
  • Umi: Hiiro Ishibashi (14/Muguel in Coco Japanese dub) 
  • Sora: Seishu Uragami (19/Kei Shinomiya in Tomodachi Game)
  • Masaaki Azumi (the protagonist Ruka's farther): Goro Inagaki (ex-member of idol group SMAP) 
  • Kanako Azumi (Ruka's mother): Yu Aoi (Onee-san in Penguin Highway
  • Sensei: (Handball club teacher at Ruka's school): Toru Watanabe 
  • Dede (mysterious person who observes Sora and Umi): Sumiko Fuji (Sakae Jinnouchi in Summer Wars)
  • Jim: Min Tanaka (74)
  • Anglade: Win Morisaki (Daito in Ready Player One)



Source: "Children of the Sea" anine film official website / Twitter


© KaijunoKodomo Committee

© Daisuke Igarashi/Shogakukan


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