Tokyo Anime Center Offers DanMachi Heroine Hestia's Super Cure Plush Dolls, Plastic Bottle

Special exhibition dedicated to the fantasy series opens today



With the opening of its latest exhibition dedicated to the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

anime/game franchise, Tokyo Anime Center in DNP Plaza starts offering special limited items inspired by

the anime's heroine Hestia, including deformed plush dolls and plastic bottle. 


The special exhibition will open between April 18 and May 12, and displays various items (original illustrations,

storyboards, scene panels, etc.) from the franchise's four titles: the three anime series and the smartphone

game MEMORIA FREESE. In addition, the latest information about the upcoming TV anime second season to

premiere in July 2019 is also revealed. 




Hestia 100 cm big plush doll  (price: TBA)



- Hestia sitting doll (3,000 yen)

- Hestia sprawling doll (3,000 yen)


Hestia-shaped plastic bottle (400 yen)




During the exhibition period, the collaboration cafe on TAC's first floor also offers "Jyaga Maru Kun Croquette"

inspired by the one that the characters ate in the anime.




Poster visual for the exhibition



Source: Tokyo Aniem Center press release


© Fujino Omori, SB Creative Corp/DanMAchi Project


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