It's All in the Family in This Season's Ultraman Taiga

The son of Ultraman Taro stars in the next installment, and he's got lots of changes coming


Talk about good genes... the star of the next season of Ultraman is carrying on the family business!


Tsuburaya Pro has released visuals and information on Ultraman Taiga, the next installment in its long-running series. The new season will star Yuki Inoue as Hiroyuki Kudo, who deals with alien-related threats as part of security organization E.G.I.S. What he doesn't know is that his body contains Ultraman Taiga's "particles of light."


He also happens to be the son of Ultraman Taro, the hero of the series in 1973 — which means he's got some seriously good genes and probably explains those "particles of light."



For the first time in the Ultraman franchise, our hero will have there forms: the aforementioned Ultraman Taiga (below center), as well as Ultraman Titas (left) and Ultraman Fuma (right):



Also appearing will be the evil Ultraman Treagar, who appeared in the Ultraman R/B movie:



We also get a closer look at some of Kudo's items, including the Taiga Spark and Ultra Taiga Accessory:



Ultraman Taiga premieres in Japan on July 6.


>> Ultraman Taiga Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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