Saint Young Men Live-Action Drama Sequel Hits Silver Screen in June

Shota Sometani and Ken'ichi Matsuyama will reprise their roles as Buddha and Jesus



It is confirmed today that the second season of the live-action drama adaptation of Hikaru Nakamura's

slice of life comedy manga series Saint Oniisan/Saint Young Men will be available on Japanese video

streaming app Piccoma TV on June 1, then will also get its theatrical screenings at select theaters in

Japan, including Tachikawa Cinema City in Tokyo, five days later. 


The first season of the drama series written/directed by Yuichi Fukuda (Gintama live-action films) was 

streamed for ten episodes in October 2018 and screened in select theaters.


Of course in the second season, Shota Sometani (Shinichi Izumi in Parasyte live-action films) and Ken'ichi

Matsuyama (L in Death Note live-action films) will reprise their roles as Jesus and Buddha, respectively.

And Yuuki Yamada (Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) newly joins as an police officer who

guides Jesus.



Teaser trailer



Yuuki Yamada as police officer



1st season Blu-ray jacket (June 5, 2019 release)



Source: "Saint Young Men" drama official website


©Hikaru Nakamura, KODANSHA/Panch to Longe Production Committee

©Hikaru Nakamura, KODANSHA


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