Dine in Another World at the Isekai Quartet Collab Café

Worlds collide at Cure Maid Café


What's better than a collab café dedicated to an isekai series? A collab café dedicated to four isekai series... that also happen to be one series.


Cure Maid Café is teaming up with Isekai Quartet to bring fans a menu inspired by the stars of Overlord, Re:ZERO, KONOSUBA, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. In addition to the adorable antics, there will also be some limited-edition, show-specific merchandise available on site.


Kicking off the menu, we have:



Tanya's Special Lunch Service: A combot plate of sausage, schnitzel, rice, salad, and happy-face fries.



Megumin's Bakuretsudon: An explosive combo of pork, fried garlic, fried onion, chili oil, and an egg on top.



Hamsuke Tart: A strawberry cheesecake tart. One of the café's maids will use edible marker to draw Hamsuke's face on it for you.



Ringa Parfait: A Re:ZERO-styled apple parfait.


There are also themed drinks for the crossover series's major characters:



Customers can get postcards with scenes from the series, and crossover goods like drink tumblers will be on sale:



Plus, fans of all four series can pre-order new goods — including Momon's adamantite plate from Overlord:

Cure Maid Café's Isekai Quartet collaboration will run from April 26 to May 12.


>> Isekai Quartet at Cure Maid Café

Source: Anime! Anime!




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