If It's for My Daughter... Posts New Trailer, Visuals, and Cast

Upcoming adaptation shares one minute of footage, a new key visual, and cast additions


The upcoming anime adaptation of If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord has dropped a ton of new content — including a new key visual, a PV, and lots of character settings and cast members!


The new series is based on the light novel by Chirolu, and follows master adventurer Dale after his rescue of a young girl named Latina. Eventually he begins to enjoy the life of a parent, preferring being a stay-at-home dad to adventuring.


The latest key visual shows Dale reading to Latina:



And a new 60-second PV introduces the pair along with a few other characters:



Several new characters have also been unveiled:



Kenneth: CV Tsuyoshi Koyama (Bang Shishigami, BlazBlue). A retired adventurer who used to work alongside Dale. He now owns a popular tavern in town.



Rita: CV Manami Numakura (Mamiko Omae, Sound! Euphonium). Kenneth's wife. She runs the tavern with him, as well as overseeing use of their "Green God's Message Board," a device allowing information to be shared across great distances.



Chloe: CV Yuki Kuwahara (Tohru, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid). A friend of Latina's and the "leader" of the local children.



Sylvia: CV Marika Kouno (Silence Suzuka, Umamusume: Pretty Derby). A friend of Latina's. She's a friendly girl whose maturity is well beyond her years.



Rudhi: CV Mutsumi Tamura (Zorome, DARLING in the FRANXX). A friend of Latina's. He's tall for his age, and seems to worry a lot about Latina.



Marcel: CV Yuuki Hirose (Koharu Hidaka, Hi Score Girl). A friend of Latina's with a gentle personality.



Antony: CV Katsumi (Yukiya Araki, W'z). A friend of Latina's. A smart, studious boy.


The series premieres on TOKYO MX, BS11, and others starting this July.


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