Ciconia When They Cry to Get Simultaneous Japanese/Western Release

MangaGamer announces release plans at Sakura-Con 2019


Featuring illustrations by Ryukishi07 along with music from dai, Luck Ganriki, xaki(Pomexgranate), Akiyama Uni, and others, Ciconia When They Cry is currently set to launch in Japan at this year's Summer Comiket. Good news popped up for English-speaking fans at this weekend's Sakura-Con 2019 event, because MangaGamer announced the intention to provide a simultaneous English release on MangaGamer and Steam.


MangaGamer is currently working closely with 07thExpansion and Witch Hunt, the team behind the localization for Umineko. Stay tuned for more as we approach this summer's Comiket, and check out a preview in the original Japanese trailer for Ciconia below. 




In Ciconia When They Cry, World War 3 has come and gone, with nuclear winter only narrowly avoided with cutting-edge technology leading to the development of a new ultimate military technology, the Gauntlet, which allows those wielding one to fly like fighter jets, fight like battleships, and repel attacks like tanks without any additional equipment. The Gauntlets require particular talent and special training administered from a young age in order to control, and the young boys and girls capable of mastering of them become known as Gauntlet Knights. The main characters of Ciconia When They Cry will be a group of these young Gauntlet Knights who, after the peaceful competition in the International Battle Standard Festival, become fast friends vowing to prevent world war together. However, world events are leading directly to World War 4 like a cascading row of dominos, and these “main characters” are nothing but pawns in the global games played by those with a right to sit at the table. Will these youth be forced to murder each other? Can the tragedy of war be prevented by mere pawns? Who are the real players in these games, and will you, the fans of When They Cry, fight for your seat at this deadly game?


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