Cosplayer Enako Makes Her Actress Debut in Kakegurui Live-Action Film

Tsutomu Hanabusa (Sadako 3D)-directed feature film edition hits Japanese theaters




The official Twitetr for the live-action adaptation project based on Homura Kawamoto (story) and Toru

Naomura (art)'s gambling themed manga Kakegurui has revealed that 25-year-old professional cosplayer

Enako makes her actress debut in its forthcoming feature film. She already made her voice actress debut

in the 2017 web anime Henkei Shoujo/Transforming Girls as one of its protagonist girls, Rin, but this is

her first appearance in a live-action film. 


Enako portrays a female student who fights fiercely against Jueri Arukibi played by Haruka Fukuhara in

a gambling battle. She says," My co-stars had a friendly atmosphere before shooting, but once the camera

strated rolling, I was shocked by their changes as if they were possessed by their characters. I believe I

showed the faces you had never seen before, so I would be glad if you could check my face impressions!"






The feature film edition Kakegurui is scheduled to be released in Japan on May 3, 2019, while the TV

drama's second season is slated for March 31, 2019.



"Kakegurui" film full trailer



Main poster visual




Source: "Kakegurui" live-action project official website / Twitter


©Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura/SQUARE ENIX, Drama "Kakegurui" Production Committee, MBS


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