PreCure Fans in Love Get Engagement Wishes from Cure Black

Voice actress Yoko Honna looks in on the happy couple's announcement


Fans finding love through a favorite show is something we're always going to love... especially when it turns out as sweet as it did for this couple!


Twitter users @yui_a and @qandb507 met thanks to their mutual love of long-running magical girl series PreCure. They'd been dating for five years when Q&B proposed to Yui not with a ring, but with a 15th anniversary PreCure watch.



She said yes, adding that she looks forward to raising a family with him that's "as strong and smiling as PreCure." The couple also set their wedding date for this coming February 1, the 16th anniversary of the show's premiere.


This is already adorable on its own... but then in came Yoko Honna, the voice of Cure Black herself, to offer her own congratulations!



It's a simple note, congratulating the pair and noting how sweet it was to use the special item to propose. But the look-in from one of the OG Cures was an extra-special way to cap off the happy news for the pair.


Of course, we wish them all the best, too!


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