Armpit Scents Personified as Anime Boys: Meet the Wackey Seven!

I never asked for this, Mandom Corporation!

Mushiniku unleashes a devasting Jet Steam attack.


Mandom Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of hair and skin care products aimed at men, has identified 7 distinct scents mapping to the odors found under the armpits of Japanese men, and because we live in the worst timeline, they have used this forbidden knowledge to create the Wackey Seven (a pun on waki, or "armpit", and "wacky"), a group of seven anthropomorphized armpit stink anime boys.


Seven anthropomorphic armpit scents as handsome anime boys.


The members of the Wackey Seven include:


  • Milk, voiced by Junya Enoki.
  • San ("Acid"), voiced by Shō Nogami.
  • Spice, voiced by Takeaki Masuyama.
  • Kabi ("Mold"), voiced by Shōya Chiba.
  • Mushiniku ("Steamed Meat"), voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka.
  • Namagawaki ("Half-Dried"), voiced by Atsushi Kousaka.
  • Tetsu ("Iron"), voiced by Arthur Lounsbery.



Yes, each member of the Wackey Seven has scent-based character designs, personalities, and weaponry. No, I'm not going to elaborate further. Luckily, all seven of them are presumably wiped out when they get hit with an orbital bombardment of Mandom's GATSBY premium brand roll on deodorant, which this promotion is advertising, in the preview video above.


Dang it, Mandom. Couldn't you have just resurrected Charles Bronson as a Virtual Youtuber or something?




Official Wackey Seven promo page


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.



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