John Oliver of Last Week Tonight Faces the Wrath of Chiitan

Video segment on unofficial mascot character spawns unofficial Twitter "feud"

Chiitan faces off against John Oliver against a fiery background.


John Oliver, the host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, has found himself in the unlikely position of an Internet feud with an unofficial Japanese mascot character thanks to a segment that aired on Episode 09 of Season 6 of Last Week Tonight.


The segment, which was originally broadcast on HBO on April 21, 2019, includes a brief history of the events surrounding Shinjokun, the official mascot character of Susaki City in Japan, the real life otter Chiitan, and the unofficial otter mascot character, Chiitan. The segment (available below) caps off with the introduction of Chiijohn, an new unofficial mascot character designed to "fill the hole in Shinjokun's heart".



Apparently, not everyone was pleased with the Last Week Tonight segment (or the implication that the newly created Chiijohn is now Shinjokun's best friend), so shortly after the segment aired, Chiitan took to Twitter to throw down the gauntlet with promises of pro-wrestling shenanigans and flaming tables:



Prompting John Oliver to respond:



However, Chiitan is a master of escalation, and although this "feud" may be a bit one-sided, it hasn't stopped Chiitan from offering up gems suchs as these:










As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, we live in interesting times.



Official Last Week Tonight Youtube channel

Official John Oliver Twitter feed (@iamjohnoliver)

Official Chiitan Twitter feed (@ogecebel)


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