Mafia Kajita & Bkub Okawa Team Up for Meteor-Punching Gacha Game

"Choukyodai! Mafia Kajita" for Android and iOS challenges players to make "free writer" Mafia Kajita swell to epic size

A golden skinned Mafia Kajita grows to enormous size for the Choukyodai! Mafia Kajita smart phone game.


Sometimes you just have to grow to ridiculous size and punch a world-threatening meteorite to pieces, or at least that's the premise behind Choukyodai! Mafia Kajita ("Hyper-huge! Mafia Kajita"), a newly released smart phone game for Android and iOS systems that combines the oddball sensibilities of fabulously bald "free writer" Mafia Kajita and "crappy manga boy" Bkub Okawa.


A titanic, naked Mafia Kajita punches a meteorite to pieces.


In Choukyodai! Mafia Kajita, players attempt to make Mafia Kajita swell to epic proportions via a screen-tapping gameplay mechanic. Players can also collect in-game currency to purchase items (such as equipment to conceal Mafia Kajita's crotch when he outgrows his clothes) and collect rare items, such as alien artifacts that increase Mafia Kajita's strength and size.




Official Mafia Kajita Twitter feed (@mafia_kajita)


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