ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Collab Café Lets You Experience Drive-In Tori Joy

Chow down on a Nice Bird Parfait and more at Ani-ON Station


Ani-ON Station is teaming up with Saga's favorite undead idols to bring you a zombie-mental menu!


The venue's upcoming ZK Café will feature food and drinks inspired by ZOMBIE LAND SAGA. Plus, you can request your favorite Franchouchou songs to listen to while you eat.


Kick off with a pair of tasty treats inspired by real Saga favorites: a recreation of local fave Sicilian rice donburi and a "Nice Bird!" Cocco-kun Parfait:



Also on the menu are a "double-sauce" squid-burger, a pancake plate, and a sweet mid-afternoon snack for Romero consisting of ramune ice and marshmallows:



There are also drinks based on each of the seven Franchouchou stars, including an electrifying blue soda for Ai and a traditional tea latte with a side of dumplings for Yugiri. Each comes with one of three random coasters featuring their respective zombie girl:



Patrons can also pick up a variety of limited-edition Franchouchou goods, either as bonuses with order or in the shop. Items include pins, postcards, clear files, and card wallets:



The café will be open starting May 23.



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Source: Anime! Anime!





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