TV Anime Houkago Saikoro Club Reveals Teaser Visual, Three Main VAs

The three VAs and the manga author will join Game Market 2019 Spring on May 25&26

The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Hiroo Nakamichi's analog game-themed manga Houkago Saikoro Club (Afterschool Dice Club) is updated with a teaser visual featuring its three main girls, and announced their voice cast. Its broadcast schedule has not yet been finalized. 


Teaser visual


Miki Takekasa: Saki Miyashita (Kanata Higa in Harukana Receive)

"This is the first time for me to meet a girl who matches with the word 'modest' like this. She is shy and

quiet, but also a thoughtful, gentle girl with easy-going mind. After meeting many people including Aya

and Midori, as well as board games, her boring daiy life starts changing."


Aya Takayashiki: Marika Takano (Silence Suzuka in Uma Musume Pretty Derby)

"Aya-chan is an innocent girl who enjoys every day with her full effort, crying and laughing and crying,

while involving others into fun things. Along with her like that, in order to let the audience know about

the enjoyment of the board games, I have enjoyed recordings and playing the games."


Midori Ohno: Miyu Tomita (Yume Nijino in Aikatsu Stars!)

"Partly because Midori serves as the class chairperson, she is cool and reliable. On the other hand, she

also has her cute side, so I want to express such a gap attractively."




The manga has been serialized in the magazine since its April 2013 issue and so far 14 tankobon

volumes have been released in Japan. Its story follows the high school girl members of Houkago

Saikoro Club in Kyoto, who enjoy various board and card games. The games featured in the story

include: Marrakech, Kakerlakenpoker, Hol's der Geier, Viva Topo!, Are You a Werewolf?, Geister,

Diamant, The Settlers of Catan, Fauna, 6 Nimmt!, King of Tokyo, Goita, Dobble, Battle Line, and

many more.  



Manga tankobon 1st and 14th volume covers



Source: TV anime "Houkago Saikoro Club" official website / Twitter


© Hiroro Nakamichi/Shogakukan Inc. 2018


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