Tickets for Kizuna AI's Birthday Live Concert Immediately Sold Out

Her official videos have been viewed more than 300 million times in total worldwide


As reported, internationally famous virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI will hold her second birthday event "A.I.

Party! 2019 ~ hello, how r u ~"at HY TOWN HALL in Tokyo on June 30, 2019. She announced on Twitter

today that its 9,000 yen (about 82 US dollars) tickets were immediately sold out after the general sale

started on Saturday.


"The tickets for my birthday event  to be held on June 30, 'A.I. Party! 2019 ~ hello, how r u ~,' have been

sold out...! I really appreciate for everyone who applied it and those who tried. On the day, I will do my best

to deliver the fun to other places in addition to the main venue! Thank you very much!"


"A.I. Party! 2019 ~ hello, how r u? ~"


  • Date: June 30, 2019 
  • Time: open: - 15:00 / start - 16:00 
  • Venue: HY TOWN HALL
  • Performer: Kizuna AI
  • Ticket price: 9,000 yen (inc. tax)


Promotional posterl featuring her new visual drawn by her original character designer En Morikura.



Kizuna AI's first birthday event "A.I. Party! ~Birthday with U~" was held at NicoFarre in Ropongi, Tokyo, on

June 30, 2018. See how she and her fans enjoyed the special day in the video below.




Kizuna AI official visual




Source: Kizuna AI official Twitter, Active8 press release


(c)Kizuna AI


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