Iwate Prefecture Adopts Geodude as Its Official Pokémon

Rock out with the Rock-type in his very own music video


Iwate Prefecture has adopted its very own Pokémon: Ishitsubute, better known to us as Geodude!


The "Cheer Pokémon" was a natural choice for Iwate, being a Rock (iwa) type. Plans are already underway for merchandise, stamp rallies, and other events in cooperation with The Pokémon Company and Niantic.


For starters, there's a Geodude mascot costume ready to roll. Check out the buff rock with his comfy-looking leggies:



He's also got his own image song and music video, featuring illustrations of Geodude enjoying life Iwate-style: scarfing down Wanko Soba, exploring Sanriku Geopark, and suiting up for a game of rugby. The song is performed by Kazuo Sato of the "world's first four brothers rock band" SaToMansion. You'll also see cameos from Sudowoodo and a few Rock-types:



The campaign's Geodude art is being handled by Yuudai Ogasawara, the artist behind Iwate Prefecture's "Wanko Brothers" mascots.



Let's Go! Geodude in Iwate kicks off on June 1.


Source: Anime! Anime!





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