Omega Labyrinth Life Will Be Censored on PS4 But Not on Switch

Sony's console drops the oppai focus for a safer game


In what may be the most striking example yet of the difference between content on PS4 and other systems, D3 Publisher has officially revealed details for Omega Labyrinth Life. Following this week's countdown, a PS4 version was announced alongside the Switch release, but the former will be a "safer" take on the dungeon-crawler more suited for play in front of others.


To separate them even further, the PS4 version's logo dropped the Omega and just went with Labyrinth Life. It promises some mild boob slips, but otherwise it's considered the acceptable "Parents' Home" version of the game. It will only feature normal illustrations, while the Switch version will feature both normal and armor break illustrations.



Beyond the armor break art, D3 Publisher is going all out for the Switch version, which promises to be the "long view" version that doesn't care who else is in the room watching you play. There will also be touch events, the return of the breast appraisal system, and the "Paper-Rock-Scissors-Boobs" feature. 



While most aspects seem to be toned down for PS4, both versions will retain the same core gameplay mechanics. Both also run at 60 frames per second, with the PS4 and Switch (when docked) sporting 1920×1080 resolutions, with a 1280x720 resolution for Switch when it's in Tabletop or Portable mode.  


Via Siliconera




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