Bungo Stray Dogs 3rd Season Dub is Coming to Crunchyroll!

Dubbed episodes kick off on May 17 at 2:00pm PT

We're a few episodes into the third season of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime, and now it's time to start looking forward to the English-dubbed version! The dub is officially coming to Crunchyroll starting on May 17 at 2:00pm Pacific Time, with a new dubbed episode to follow each Friday. 



English dub cast:


Max Mittelman as Atsushi Nakajima

Kaiji Tang as Osamu Dazai

Patrick Seitz as Doppo Kunikida

Landon McDonald as Rampo Edogawa

Spike Spencer as Junichirou Tanizaki

Lucien Dodge as Kenji Miyazawa

Erica Lindbeck as Akiko Yosano

Erica Lindbeck as Naomi Tanizaki

Jamieson Price as Yukichi Fukuzawa

Cherami Leigh as Kyoka Izumi

Brian Beacock as Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

Nicolas Roye as Chuuya Nakahara

Brian Palermo as Motojiro Kajii

Cindy Robinson as Kouyou Ozaki

Carrie Keranen as Ichiyou Higuchi

Keith Silverstein as Ougai Mori

Chris Hackney as Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Cristina Vee as Lucy Maud Montgomery

Todd Haberkorn as Edgar Allen Poe

Ray Chase as Fyodor D.


Official Bungo Stray Dogs synopsis:


Kicked out of his orphanage and on the verge of starving to death, Nakajima Atsushi meets some strange men. One of them, Dazai Osamu, is a suicidal man attempting to drown himself in broad daylight. The other, bespectacled Kunikida Doppo, nervously stands by flipping through a notepad. Both are members of the "Armed Detective Agency" said to solve incidents that even the military and police won't touch. Atsushi ends up accompanying them on a mission to eliminate a man-eating tiger that's been terrorizing the population..



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