Palm-Sized Animagear Line to Create Kid-Friendly Robot Model Kits

Bandai Shokugan rolls out new IP this summer


Bandai is preparing to bring model building to kids with their new Animagear line.


Focused on palm-sized, animal-shaped robots, Animagear introduces its characters via a storyline set in the near future. The title robots are a major part of life in the digital age, able to communicate with the kids who build and battle them. Animagears are assembled from a Bone Frame core, Nick Cowl armor pieces, and Blood Sticker decorative seals.


The line is kicking off with five Animagears, which will be available at candy shops and convenience stores for 421 yen apiece: Galeo Striker, Dualize Kabuto, Dualize Kabuto Army-Type, Arms Guillotecker, and Sonic Eagllet. Each can be assembled in multiple forms by converting the Nick Cowl pieces around the Bone Frame.



The line also has two human characters appearing in the story on the official website. Kyo Amakusa is a fifth grader whose main hobbies are customizing his Galeo Striker and taking selfies with it. His next door neighbor, Sakura Momiji, is an Animagear expert who owns a Dualize Kabuto and makes popular Animagear videos online.



The toy line goes on sale this August.


>> Animagear Website

Source: Anime! Anime!





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