Sauna-Enthusiasm Manga Sadou Steams Up a Live-Action TV Drama

Adaptation based on semi-autobiographical manga by Katsuki Tanaka hits TV Tokyo in July of 2019

The main cast of Sadou enjoys a steamy good time in a sauna.


Fans of all things hot and steam (in the literal sense) are in for a treat in July of 2019, because Sadou, a semi-autobiographical manga by Katsuki Tanaka about learning to love the experience of visiting saunas, is being adapted into a live-action TV drama that will broadcast on TV Tokyo.


The cover of the first volume of Manga Sadou ~ Manga de Yomu Sauna Michi ~ by Katsuki Tanaka.


Based on Manga Sadou ~ Manga de Yomu Sauna Michi ~ ("Way of the Sauna: The Path of the Sauna Through Reading Manga"), which is serialized in Kodansha's Morning KC magazine, Sadou tells the story of Atsurou Tanaka, a man who is ambivalent about visiting the sauna until one day he is turned on to their charms by the mysterious Mushi-Z ("Steamy-Z"). Atsurou develops a passion for saunas, and he travels Japan visiting various saunas and having conversations with other sauna enthusiasts like Guuzen-san ("Mr. Coincidence") and Ikemen Mushi Otoko ("Handsome Steamy Man").

The Sadou live-action TV drama stars:


Taizo Harada enjoys a steamy sauna as protagonist Atsurou Tanaka.


Taizô Harada as Atsurou Tanaka.


Hiroki Miyake yuks it up as Guuzen-san.


Hiroki Miyake as Guuzen-san.


Hayato Isomura is handsome and steamy as Ikemen Mushi Otoko.


And Hayato Isomura as Ikemen Mushi Otoko, aka Mushio.


Sadou is directed by Shou Nagashima and features screenplays by Nonji Nemoto, Takeshi Takemura, and Fuwafuwa Nagai. The series will broadcast on TV Tokyo on Fridays during the 12:52 AM JST time slot beginning in July of 2019.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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