Miho VA Mai Fuchigami Introduces The 5th Girls und Panzer Bus Wrap in Video

The second chapter of "Girls und Panzer das Finale" hits Japanese theaters June 15


Ibaraki Kotsu Company's fifth wrapping bus decorated with the Girls und Panzer character illustrations

and hand-written messages by the fans was revealed at the Kairaku Festa 2019 event on March 19, 2019.

Its first "Girls und Panzer" wrapping bus started running in November 2012. As with other companies in

the city, Ibaraki Kotsu has supported the anime franchise and one of its regular buses actually appeared

in Girls und Panzer der Film released in November 2015.


BANDAI NAMCO Arts's official YouTube channel has posted a five-minute video report to introduce the

special bus hosted by Mai Fuchigami, the voice of the anime's protagonist character Miho Nishizumi.

Check out the inside and outside of the new "Galpan Bus" in the video below! 






Photos posted on Ibaraki Kotsu's official Twitter 





Source: BANDAI NAMCO Arts official YouTube channel, Ibaraki Kotsu official Twitter


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