22-Year-Old Actress Touko Miura Joins Weathering With You's Theme Song as Vocalist

Director Makoto Shinkai: "Her voice is more like the sound of the world itself."



As with Kimi no Na wa./Your Name., four-member Japanese rock band RADWIMPS works on the theme/

insert songs and soundtrack music for Makoto Shinkai's new anime feature film Tenki no Ko/Weathering

With You. And it is confirmed today that 22-year-old actress Touko Miura also joins the theme song's recording

as a vocalist. 


Miura was born in Hokkaido in 1966. While acting for various TV drama and films, such as Sadako vs Kayako 

(2016), The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (TV drama/2016), and Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation

(TV drama/2017), she released a cover song album "Kakushite Watashi wa, Toumei kara Hajimeru koto ni

Natta" (Thus, it has been decided that I am going to start from the transparency) from Universal Music in

March 2017. 


The audition to find the best female singer for the film's theme song lasted a year, then she and the band

spent two months for the recording under the direction of the band's leader Yojiro Noda. Director Shinkai

says, "Rather than a singing voice of an actress, a voice more like the sound of the world itself. A voice

that carries something a little beyond a person's emotions straight. I had a such feeling toward Touko

Miura's voice. "




The film's song & soundrack album (five vocal songs and 27 soundtrack tunes) is set to be released on

July 19, simultaneously with the release of the film. 




Teaser trailer featuring an insert song "Ai ni Dekiru koto wa Mada Arukai" (Is there still anything that

love can do?) performed by RADWIMPS.




Teaser poster visual 



Source: "Tenki no Ko/Weathering with You" official website / Twitter 


(C)2019 "Tenki no Ko" Production Committee


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