Rugby Anime Try Knights Casts Three More Dashing Lads

Gonzo-produced original sports anime hits Nippon TV in Summer of 2019

Character settings for the 5 main characters of Try Knights, an original TV anime about a high school rugby team.


Try Knights, an upcoming original TV anime about a group of students who tackle the world of high school rugby with a combination of skill and strategy, has announced three more cast members for the show. The new cast members include:


Tori Furuhara of Try Knights.


Takuma Terashima as Toru Fuyuhara, a 2nd year student and the current captain of the rugby club. Toru is small in stature, but his passion for rugby has a big impact on his teammates.


Soya Rando of Try Knights.


Kouhei Amasaki as Soya Rando, a 2nd year student and member of the rugby club. Soya has a cool demeanor and he executes his role within the game with precision, but outside of rugby he demonstrates a carefree attitude and speaks with a Kansai accent.


Keita Oguma of Try Knights.


And Hidenori Takahashi as Keita Oguma, a 2nd year student and member of the rugby club. Keita is physically very strong, but he has a very gentle personality, and his inner kindness sometimes prevents him from expressing his full potential as a rugby player.


Brawn and brains combine with the two main characters of Try Knights, Akira Kariya and Riku Haruma.


Try Knights features animation production by GONZO, and the series is made in cooperation with the Japan Rugby Football Union. The series will broadcast in Japan on Nippon TV and other stations during the Summer season of 2019.




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