HUMAN LOST Film Adaptation to Get Manga Series

Award-winning manga artist pens five-part manga series starting in June


Osamu Dazai's novel No Longer Human is coming to theaters as HUMAN LOST... and the film will be getting a manga adaptation, too!


The "comicalization" will run in the August edition of Kodansha's seinen manga magazine Afternoon. The series is penned by Ryuusuke Takashiro, who won Afternoon's spring 2018 manga competition with his short manga Peruhito and the Walking Forest.

The story is set in the year 2036, at a time when the human lifespan has been extended to 120 thanks to the creation of nanomachines and the S.H.E.L.L. system that controls them—but this change has brought about numerous problems in Japanese society.


The manga adaptation of HUMAN LOST kicks off June 25, and will run for five installments.


>> HUMAN LOST Website

>> Afternoon Website

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