SSSS.GRIDMAN to Return as Stage Play in Spring 2020

Six manga and one novel projects are also in the works

It was officially announced at the "SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW02" event held at Culttz Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture on Sunday that a new stage play inspired by the TV anime SSSS.GRIDMAN was set to be performed in the spring of 2020. Further details such as cast and ticket information will be announced at a later date.


The anime voice cast gathered on the stage:




In addition, six manga projects and one novel were revealed.


- Manga: "Shinseiki Chugakusei Nikki" (Neon Genesis Junior High Students Diary)

   Illustrator: Ariko/Magazine: Monthly Comic Alive

   Comedy spin-off focusing on the four Neon Genesis Junior High students' daily lives.


- Manga: "Hime to Samurai" (The Princess and The Samurai)

   Illustrator: Kei Toru/Magazine: Monthly Comic Alive

  Story about Samurai Caliber before he visited Tsutsujidai and a girl named Hime Kuzuki, who receives the fifth sword from Caliber.


- Manga: "Comicalize SSSS.GRIDMAN" (tentative title)

   Illustrator: Yuuki Konno/Magazine Shonen Jump+

   The anime story's manga adaptation.


- Yet-to-be-Titled Manga

   Illustrator: Misaki Sako/Akita Shoten Magazine

   The four students of Neon Genesis Junior High are sent to the world of a butler game, and they begin working as butlers.


- Yet-to-be-Titled Manga

   Illustrator: Shun Kazami/Akita Shoten Magazine

   Spin-off focusing on Akane.


- Manga: "Sengoku Gridman" (tentative title)

   Illustrator: Yuuki Tamura/Magazine: Monthly Shonen Champion

   A spin-off set in a small country that has amazing automata technology.


- Novel: "SSSS. GRIDMAN ~Mou Hitori no Kami (Another God)~" (tentative title)

   Writer: Yume Mizusawa/Illustrator: bun150/Publisher: Shogakukan (GaGaGa Bunko)

  By the power of a mysterious kaiju, a chaos attacks Tsutsujidai. Another battle against another god.

  Set to be released in August 2019.





The 12-episode TV anime SSSS.GRIDMAN was aired in Japan from October to December 2018, and is

available on Crunchyroll for its members in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland,

South Africa, and Nordics.




Source: "SSSS.GRIDMAN" official Twitter via: Mantan Web


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©2018 TRIGGER, Tetsu Amamiya/"GRIDMAN" Production Committee


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