Former KARA Member Jiyoung Transforms Into 100 kg Girl in Dosukoi! Sukehira Live-Action Film

Adaptation of Junko Tamura's romantic comedy manga will hit theaters November 2019


A live-action film adaptation of Junko Tamura's romantic comedy manga Dosukoi! Sukehira (based on an original story by Tomohide Kiyoshi) is confirmed to be released in Japan in November 2019. 25-year-old Jiyoung, a former member of the South Korean girl group KARA, is cast as its protagonist Ayane Sukehira, who transforms from a 100 kg girl to a slender girl.


This will be her third appearance in a live-action film adaptation of popular Japanese manga, following Irina Jelavić in the two Assassination Classroom (2015, 2016) films, and Itori in the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul 2 to be released in July 2019. 


The protagonist Ayane Sukehira moved to Italy to live surrounded by her favorite sweet, chocolate. After being involved in an accident and waking up from a coma, she finds herself transformed into a slender girl that would be the envy of others.


The filming was already done last summer. Jiyoung needed three hours to wear a fat suit to play the character in the film. The official Twitter for the film opens today with thee photos of her.





Manga 1st and 2nd tankobon volume covers:



Source: "Dosukoi! Sukehira" live-action film official Twitter,


(c)2019 Movie "Dosukoi! Sukehira" Production Committee

(c)Tomohide Kiyoshi, Junko Tamura/Kodansha


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