Tell Them You Choose Them with Pokémon Engagement Ring Case

Pokéball and Master Ball cases available as part of wedding jewelry set


If you thought Professor Kukui's proposal fell under "relationship goals" (and trust us, it does), U-TREASURE has something for you.


The jewelry company is preparing to release a line of Pokémon themed wedding and engagement rings at an upcoming bridal fair, and the rings come in—what else?—stylish Pokéball containers. A Master Ball is available, along with the return of their standard Pokéball case:



The cases pair perfectly with U-TREASURE'S two trios of wedding jewelry. Each set features a diamond engagement ring and a pair of matching wedding rings, all with a Pokémon motif. Pikachu and Mew set are available:



The Pokémon Bridal Fair takes place June 1-30 at U-TREASURE's Shinjuku shop and in its online store.


>> Pokémon Wedding Jewelry at U-TREASURE

Source: Anime! Anime!





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