Pretty Boy Rugby Anime Try Knights Reveals ED Theme Song Performers

Upcoming original sports anime by GONZO heads to NTV and other stations in the Summer of 2019

Ivy to Fraudulent Game, a Japanese rock band composed of Nobuaki Teraguchi, Tomoki Oshima, Ryotaro Kawai, and Yuya Fukushima.


The ending theme song performers have been revealed for Try Knights, an upcoming original TV anime about a group of handsome young men who try to get their high school rugby team off the ground. The ending theme, entitled "Moyou" ("Patterns"), is performed by the rock band Ivy to Fraudulent Game (pictured above). 


Brawn and brains combine with the two main characters of Try Knights, Akira Kariya and Riku Haruma.


Try Knights features animation production by GONZO, and the series is made in cooperation with the Japan Rugby Football Union. The story of the series focuses on Riku Harima, a high school student who approaches rugby from a strategic perspective, and Akira Kariya, a naturally gifted athlete. Despite their clashing personalities, Riku and Akira explore a passion for the sport together. 

Try Knights will broadcast in Japan on Nippon TV and other stations during the Summer season of 2019.




Official Try Knights Twitter feed (@try_knights)


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.



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