Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Teams Up with Nagahama City

Kappei Yamaguchi reprises his role as Kinoshita Hideyoshi for a pair of promotional videos

Kinoshita Hideyoshi enjoys a refreshing cup of green tea in the Ninja Girl & Samurai Master TV anime.


Nagahama City in Shiga Prefecture is the home of Nagahama Castle, a central location in Ninja Girl & Samurai Master (known in Japan as Nobunaga no Shinobi), and now the city and the TV anime have joined forces for a pair of promotional videos that highlight the local charms of Nagahama, including local cuisine and historical tourist destinations.



The videos (above and below) are narrated by voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi, who reprises his role as Kinoshita Hideyoshi from Ninja Girl & Samurai Master. Historically, Nagahama City was the base of operations for Kinoshita Hideyoshi (aka Toyotomi Hideyoshi).



Based on the manga by Naoki Shigeno, Ninja Girl & Samurai Master is directed by Akitaro Daichi and features animation production by TMS Entertainment. The series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, who describe the story of Ninja Girl & Samurai Master as follows:



The year is 1555, the middle of the Warring States period, and one young man holds on to a very big dream. That young man, known as an empty-headed fool, is none other than Oda Nobunaga. Enchanted by his dream, a certain young girl who admires Nobunaga swears that she will become his ninja one day. Nobunaga has one goal: to unify Japan by military might! Decorated by a colorful cast of characters, including the airheaded Kichou, the errand boy Hideyoshi, the tsundere Nene, the straight man Mitsuhide, and the half-dead Hanbei, this heavy-hitting wartime gag anime is about to begin!!


Source: Ota-suke


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.



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