Rock on with Basara at Macross 7 25th Anniversary Concert

Yoshiki Fukuyama continues the Macross music festivities later this year


This month's massive Macross Crossover Live has come and gone, but there's still more live music to rock out to this year!


Anison performer and JAM Project member Yoshiki Fukuyama was present at this month's live event, featuring singers from across the decades of Macross. Fukuyama appeared as the singing voice of Basara Nekki in Macross 7—a role he loved so much, he owns and performs with Basara's guitar:



The event, titled "Macross 7 25th Anniversary: BASARA EXPLOSION 2019 from FIRE BOMBER," will take place September 13 at Tokyo's Zepp DiverCity. Tickets go on sale soon, with members of Macross Portal and Fukuyama's official fan club getting first dibs.


At present, Fukuyama is the only performer listed... though if you've "listened to his song," you know he's all it takes to get a crowd going!


Source: Anime! Anime!





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