Nissin Prepares to Shoot Yakisoba and VTubers into Outer Space

... and Maximum the Hormone is providing the chopsticks


In today's news of actually things that are actually happening, instant noodle brand Nissin is teaming up with Kaguya Luna to set the Guinness World Record for the highest-altitude smartphone livestream ever broadcast.


The VTuber teamed up with the company a few months ago to create this trippy ad for U.F.O. yakisoba, set to music by Maximum the Hormone:



The three parties are teaming up again for the galactic endeavor, which involves this state-of-the-art craft dubbed U.F.O. 1:



Nissin supplied the noodly base, Kaguya Luna will be onscreen, and MTH's Maximum the Ryo contributed signed chopsticks.



The rig will be sent up via balloon with the help of Japan's Space Entertainment Laboratory, and is expected to make it at least 20 km above the Earth's surface, if not more. Considering the current world record (yep, someone's done this before) was 18.42 km, and SELAB has sent balloons up as high as 30 km in the past, the team is confident this will be a record-breaker.


The launch will take place June 24 in Mongolia, but you can (of course) watch the stream for yourself anywhere in the world. Nippon Broadcasting System announcer Hisanori Yoshida will MC the event, with Rail Wars! creator Takumi Toyoda scheduled as a guest. More guests will be revealed later.


If you want to tune in, head over to Kaguya Luna's channel at 7:30 pm Pacific time on June 23. We'll see next week if Nissin manages its record-breaking feat.


>> Nissin Space Challenge Website

Source:, grape Japan





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