The Story Continues with Super Robot Wars T DLC

20 new chapters of content will bring back characters from previous games


If you've finished Super Robot Wars T and are wishing for more, you're in luck: more is on the way, and will include flashbacks to previous games!


Later this month, an expansion pack will be released including a new 14-chapter storyline (counting the different potential branches, there are actually 20 chapters' worth of new content to explore). The story takes place several months after the resolution of the main game. As the Solar System recovers from all-out war and looks forward to a bright new future, a darkness lurks on the horizon.



Players will be able to take control of their office worker turned mecha pilot of choice once again. Plus, the Banpresto Originals from both Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X are due to make an appearance.


The story will pick up using players' save data upon finishing the game, including skills, parts, and upgrades made to units. There will also be the option to select general difficult modes and "Custom Ranks" for the enemy. If you're feeling like a real pro, you can combine Super Expert mode with Hyper Custom enemies for the most difficult challenge (currently) available in-game.



A trial version featuring three chapters is currently available in the Japanese PlayStation store, with the full version due to come out June 27.


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