Youth is Foolish in Wasteful Days of High School Girls TV Anime Trailer

Adaptation of everyday comedy web manga by BINO hits Tokyo MX on July 05, 2019

Baka, Robo, and Ota stare forward with a mixture of indifferent and disdainful expressions.


It's tough when your life peaks in high school, especially when that peak is the apex of utter foolishness, and such is the case in the new trailer for Wasteful Days of High School Girls (known in Japan as Jyoshi Kousei no Mudazukai, or "JyoshiMuda" for short), an upcoming TV anime based on the everyday comedy web manga by BINO about a trio of female high school students who are living their best lives by squandering their youth.



The story of Wasteful Days of High School Girls follows the everyday lives of three high school girls: Nozumu Tanaka, aka "Baka", who is bad at standardized tests; Akane Kikuchi, aka "Ota", who is a boys' love manga addicted fujoshi; and Shiori Saginomiya, aka "Robo", who is talented but expressionless.


A classroom of female students fools around.


The original Wasteful Days of High School Girls manga is serialized in Kadokawa's Comic Newtype digital manga magazine. The Wasteful Days of High School Girls TV anime is directed by Takeo Takahashi and Hijiri Sanpai and features animation production by Passione. The series will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX and other stations beginning on July 05, 2019.


Source: Ota-suke


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