Enjoy a Feast Fit for the Digi-Destined at Digimon Collab Café

Tower Records hosts music-themed event as 20th anniversary festivities continue


You don't have to be a Digi-Destined to enjoy the treats on offer at Tower Records this summer!


The company's collab café space is making way for a Digimon Adventure event, in conjunction with the anime's 20th anniversary. In honor of the locale, there's a music theme—in particular a marching band motif, judging by the promotional art, which features the partners of the eight original Digi-Destined.


The critters are also represented in the menu, too. Check out a sample of what's on offer: Agumon's Meat Stew, Gabumon's Pointy Burger, Gatomon's Holy Ring Bagel Sandwich, and more:



You'll also be able to get soda mixes themed after the Digi-Destined themselves, plus on-brand lattes:



A gift shop will offer anniversary merch with the musical theme, including a framed gold record!



The Digi-Destined Café will take place July 13-31 at the Tower Records Omotesando Café. Merchandise and menu items will switch out on July 22.


>> Digimon Adventure x Tower Records Digi-Destined Café Site

Source: Anime! Anime!





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