Mixed Media Surfing Series WAVE!! Prepares for First Event

Voice actors gather for a "Wonderful Party" this summer


If you haven't heard of WAVE!!... well, you have now. And the surfing-centric mixed media project is set to party hard for its fan base this August.


WAVE!! is a product of LOVE&ART (B-Project) featuring character designs Yomi Sarachi (WIXOSS). The story is, basically, eight cute anime boys love surfing. From there, plans are afoot for anime, manga, games, CDs, and much more.



This new key visual came along with news of of their first live event. Dubbed WAVE!! 1st Event ~Wonderful Party~, all eight of the project's lead voice actors are scheduled to appear. Filling out the voice ranks, and thus the stage, will be notable personalities such as Tomoaki Maeno (White Blood Cell, Cells at Work!), Yoshiki Nakajima (Nitta, Hinamatsuri), and Nobuhiko Okamoto (Rin, Blue Exorcist).

The event takes place August 17 at Ichikawa City Cultural Hall. Fans wanting an early chance at tickets can find a coupon in the group's first CD, which comes out later this month.


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Source: MoCa-News





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