New Line of Saint Seiya Charms Lets You Collect Every Saint

Bandai Collection releases line of one dozen mini golden helmets


Collect the masks of all 12 Gold Saints—or opt in for your favorite—with a new line of charms from Bandai Collection!


Bandai's BanColle specializes in one-of-a-kind items modeled after some of their most famous titles. Fans of the various iterations and characters of Saint Seiya will recognize the helmets of Athena's Gold Saints: Aries Mu, Taurus Aldebaran, Gemini Saga, Cancer Deathmask, Leo Aiolia, Virgo Shaka, Libra Dohko, Scorpio Milo, Sagittarius Aiolos, Capricorn Shura, Aquarius Camus, and Pisces Aphrodite:



Each charm also features its respective astrological sign and is made of a weighty alloy. Charms can be bought individually for 2,700 yen, or together in a collector's box for 32,400 yen.


Pre-orders are open until July 28, and items will ship out in September.


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