Crunchyroll Games Panel Roundup From Anime Expo

Latest slate of games and updates sure to bring hours of fun to players

CR Games


Crunchyroll Games was onhand at Anime Expo to announce its latest slate of updates to current games and new titles based on Crunchyroll's vast library of titles. Without further delay here are the key announcements from the panel:


  • One-Punch Man x Grand Summoners returns in August immediately after the Goblin Slayer campaign concludes! Saitama, Terrible Tornado, Genos, and Boros will be featured with their new Awakened forms.
  • One-Punch Man x Grand Summoners PV:
  • Grand Summoners teased its first Global Exclusive unit, Codename "Firefox", with a new silhouetted animatic 
  • The Levi Cleaning Campaign is now live and will feature a chance for fans to win tons of Levi-themed prizes. Fans can also find these prizes in the Crunchyroll Store! Play the exclusive Levi cleaning browser game at
  • Attack on Titan TACTICS release window announced for Fall 2019! You can pre-register at
  • Crunchyroll Games premiered a new, extended trailer for the recently announced Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle! Don't forget to pre-register at and check out the extended trailer:
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