Hit the Highlights with Our Funimation Anime Expo Panel Roundup

Movies and streaming series and limited edition Akira leather jackets, oh my!

Black Star from Soul Eater flashes a hearty thumb's up.


Anime Expo is in full swing, and our coverage of new announcements continues with a look at some of the highlights from Funimation's Thursday panel, including theatrical film releases, home video offerings, new partnerships, and so much delectable merch. Check out the details below:



First up, we have North American theatrical releases for the live-action KINGDOM film in August of 2019 and the live-action Tokyo Ghoul S film in September of 2019. On the animated end of things, Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow will get a limited release in August of 2019, and plans for a release of the HUMAN LOST film are also in the works.



In terms of that sweet, sweet merchandise Funimation is working on Yu Yu Hakusho Funko Pops with Hot Topic, exclusive Fruits Basket Kyo and Yuki scale figures with Kotobukiya, a My Hero Academia mystery crate with Loot Anime, and (my personal favorite) limited edition replicas of Kaneda's iconic leather jacket from Akira. Special edition home video releases for Fruits Basket and a Yu Yu Hakusho steelbook release are also in the works.



On the streaming side of things, Funimation has second seasons for Fairy gone and Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life coming in the Fall of 2019, My Hero Academia Season 4 in Fall of 2019, and Plunderer in Winter of 2020.


And finally, Funimation is teaming up with RightStuf and Nozomi Entertainment to stream classic shows such as Boogiepop Phantom, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Sweet Blue Flowers. That's a whole lot of announcements from just one panel. I can't wait to see what other news comes out of Anime Expo next!


Source: Official Funimation Twitter feed (@FUNimation)


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