Song of Saya Remastered Will Let You See the World with New Eyes

Legendary horror visual novel gets a definitive edition on Steam this month


Get ready for another dose of eldritch romance—this time, the definitive edition.


JAST USA announced at Anime Expo this past weekend that they're putting together a remastered version of Song of Saya, the eldritch horror romance eroge Nitroplus. The Lovecraftian visual novel is getting pieced back together from the ground up, it seems, on a new engine with new artwork.



Written by Gen Urobuchi (Psycho-Pass, Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Song of Saya casts the player as medical student Fuminori Sakisaka, whose life is coming undone after an accident leaves him with severe agnosia. Now, everything in the world appears to be covered in gore, and all other humans are terrifying monsters. Only a stranger named Saya looks at all human to him anymore, leading the pair down a romantic road that could lead to the end of themselves or the end of everything.


JAST USA has said the new release will be available on Steam for PC later this month. At present, the release appears to be Western-only, with no announcements yet for a Japanese release.







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