Official Case Closed Exam Challenges Fans to Test Their Knowledge

Three-tiered test quizzes participants with trivia from Gosho Aoyama's long-running shonen manga

Sitting seiza style, Conan Edogawa prepares to grade contestants for the 1st Case Closed / Detective Conan official certification exam.


Fans of the long-running shonen manga and TV anime Case Closed (known as Detective Conan in Japan) will soon have a chance to prove their bona fides, because Shogakukan and CYBIRD are offering an online certification exam that will test the limits of the participants' knowledge on Gosho Aoyama's pint-sized, crime-fighting sleuth.


Teenage detective Shinichi Kudo poses alongside his transformed, child state known as Conan Edogawa.


The exam features three grades of advancement based on the number of correct questions answered, with each grade awarding official certficates featuring illustrations by Gosho Aoyama. Registration for the first section of the exam (which tests for a grade three level certification for Case Closed) begins in September of 2019, with the actual test to take place in October of 2019. Registration for the exam costs 4500 yen ($41.58 US).


More details will be revealed at a later date at the official Case Closed certification exam home page.



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