Get Dinner and a Show at New Sailor Moon Restaurant

SHINING MOON TOKYO offers a character-inspired menu and daily live performances


Whether you're fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight, you'll soon have a new place to grab a bite when you're done.


SHINING MOON TOKYO will be opening soon in Minato's Azabu Juban district, offering Sailor Moon-inspired lunch and dinner menus. For lunch, grab a Pretty Guardian Lunchbox or a Moon Prism Rice Burger, and pair it with a strawberry shake (Usagi-style) or iced cocoa (Mamo-chan style):



For dinner you can choose from Sailor Planets temari sushi, soumen a la Mako-chan, or Usagi-style curry:



In addition to adorable food and drinks, diners will get to enjoy an original Sailor Moon stage show performed daily. Akiko Kodama, who penned the script for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super Live and is currently working on the latest Naruto stage show, will be writing and directing. The Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask will all be double-cast, with Reona Samejima and Shina Tanaka trading off the role of the legendary Moon Princess.



SHINING MOON TOKYO opens its doors on August 15. Reservations will be conducted initially by lottery, with members of the official Sailor Moon Fan Club getting priority.



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