Stop by FGO Fes's Chaldea Kitchen for a Founut

This summer's theme park-style Fate event shows off its menu


This year, Fate/Grand Order's summer event is whisking fans away to a Chaldea-style theme park. The latest reveal for the upcoming fest is a tasty menu inspired by your Servants and allies in the popular mobile game.


The food, which will be served up in the "Chaldea Kitchen" section of the event, features a variety of food and drink based on game characters and Craft Essences. Refuel with Ozymandias's Infinite Splendor Golden Rice:



Get your ramen fix with a noodle bowl based on the Craft Essence "Ms. Anastasia Loves Ramen Noodles":



Try your luck with a "Summoning Frank" (if the stick has five stars on it, you get a clear file):



Or go sweet and simple with a Fou donut:



The full menu of snacks, entrees, and drinks can be viewed here.


Fate/GO Fes 2019 will also feature Halloween Town, an Elisabeth Bathory-themed section where you can play carnival games; Luluhawa Island, a reproduction of one of the game's summer events; and Chaldea Palace, where you can enjoy binaural recordings from "a certain Servant." There will also, of course, be a Battle Arena for gamers and a main stage for cosplay events, special appearances, and gaming tournament finals.


Fate/Grand Order Fes 2019: Chaldea Park will take place August 3 and 4.


>> Fate/Grand Order Fes 2019: Chaldea Park Website

>> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll

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