D4DJ Unveils More DJ Idol Girls, Announces Third Live

Happy Around! and Peaky P-key also show off their unique looks


Bushiroad's new mixed media project D4DJ is kicking into high gear with five of its six DJ teams announced!


Previously, two groups—Happy Around! and Peaky P-key—were revealed, with their real-world members showing off their skills in live concerts. Three more teams have joined the growing group, which will be featured in an anime, game, further concerts, and more.


First off, check out the original two's unique looks. Happy Around! has a very cute idol theme going:



Meanwhile, Peaky P-key has a cool streetwear style:



Now, on to the new groups. First up is Photon Maiden, who look to have a cyber-idol style reminiscent of Vocaloid:



Merm4id has a beachy, tropical look:



And Rondo look like they're going to be the Roselia of the squad, with a romantic, gothic aesthetic:



Each group has its own unique sound that matches its aesthetic, as shown by samples of the first singles from the project: "Dig Delight!" by Happy Around!, and "Denran Countdown" by Peaky P-key:



A second live show is already scheduled for October 14, with a third just announced for January 31, 2020. No dates have yet been given for the other tie-in media.


>> D4DJ Website

Source: Otakomu.jp





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