Patlabor 30th Anniversary Art Exhibition Heads to Osaka in August

Installation at the Osaka Nanko ATC venue includes early pre-production materials & illustrations

The crew of Special Vehicles Section 2 attempts to apprehend a runaway Labor in Patlabor: The Movie.


Headgear is continuing its 30th anniversary celebrations for Mobile Police Patlabor, a long-running science fiction / comedy series about blue collar cops trying to prevent giant robot crime in near-future Tokyo, with a new art exhibition installation at the Osaka Nanko ATC venue in August of 2019. The new installation follows in the foot-steps of the December 2018 art exhibition in Ikebukuro.


A poster for the Patlabor 30th anniversary art exhibition in Osaka, featuring main character Noa Izumi as illustrated by Akemi Takada.


The "30th HEADGEAR EXHIBITION featuring OAV - PATLABOR THE MOVIE in Osaka" exhibit focuses on pre-production materials and illustrations from the first Patlabor OAV series as well as Patlabor: The Movie. The exhibition runs from August 07 - 19, 2019, and tickets to the installation cost 1000 yen ($9.27 US).


Source: Anime! Anime!


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