Kenichi Suzumura Narrates PV for The Twelve Kingdoms Novel's Four New Books

The fantasy series has printed nine million copies since 1991


Japanese publisher Shinchosha's official YouTube channel has posted a 45-second PV for Fuyumi Ono's fantasy novel series 12 Kokuki/The Twelve Kingdom, which will release its four new books in October and November 2019.


The series' first volume "Mashou no Ko/The Demonic Child" was released from the publisher in September 1991, and has  printed more than nine million copies in total. It has been 18 years since its last long novel "Kasho no Yume/The Dream of Prosperity" in September 2001 (a short story collection "Hisho no Tori/The Birds of Hisho" was released in July 2013).


The first two in the new four volumes will be released on October 12, 2019, then the last two will follow on November 9.


 44-year-old Kenichi Suzumura, who voiced Rakushun in the novel's TV anime adaptation in 2002-2003, narrates the clip and also plays the chatacter on the novel's official Twitter to provide the latest information.






"Mashou no Ko" / "Kasho no Yume" covers:



Source: Shinchosha official YouTube channel 



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