Clumsy Robot Maid Takes Over in Ponkotsu Ponko Manga Web CM

Kasumi Hasegawa voices the titular character in a Youtube video advertising the first volume of Keita Yatera's comic

A screen capture from the web CM for the Ponkotsu Ponko manga, featuring the robot maid Ponko introducing herself.


Actress Kasume Hasegawa stars in the titular role in a new web CM for Ponkotsu Ponko, a seinen manga by Keita Yatera about a clumsy robot maid who is hired to keep an elderly man company after his wife passes away.



A slapstick comedy, the story of Ponkotsu Ponko follows Yoshioka, an old man who is determined to live out the rest of his days quietly after his wife passes away. Yoshioka's plans change quite a bit with the arrival of Ponko, a companionship robot designed to keep Yoshioka company and act as a housekeeper. Unfortunately for all involved, Ponko is sort of terrible at the tasks she's programmed to do...


The cover for the first collected volume of Ponkotsu Ponko, a manga by Keita Yatera about a clumsy robot maid taking care of an elderly man.


Ponkotsu Ponko is serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Bros seinen manga magazine. The first collected volume of the series was published in Japan on July 30, 2019.


Source: Comic Natalie


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.



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