KDColle Reveals Wallet-Busting Rem Ukiyo-e Ver. Life-Sized Figure

10 lucky residents of Japan can drop more than 3.5 million yen to own a 1:1 scale kimono-clad oni maid

A banner image advertising KDcolle's Rem Ukiyo-e Ver. Life-Sized Figure.


Inspired by a special run of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, KDColle (a division of Kadokawa) is releasing a small number of limited edition "Rem Ukiyo-e Ver. Life-Sized Figure", extremely detailed (and extremely expensive) 1:1 scale figures of the fan-favorite oni maid character from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- dressed in a kimono and carrying a traditional Japanese paper umbrella.


Kadokawa had previously released a similar, smaller figure in 1:7 scale in February of 2019.


A promotion photo for KDColle's Rem Ukiyo-e Ver. Life-Sized Figure, a 1:1 scale FRP figure of Rem from Re:ZERO clad in a kimono and carrying a traditional Japanese paper umbrella.


The "Rem Ukiyo-e Ver. Life-Sized Figure" is made of painted FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and stands 158 centimeters (about 5'2") tall. The umbrella that Rem carries is a genuine, hand-crafted paper umbrella using techniques perfected during the Edo period. Pre-orders are open until August 30, 2019, with the final product scheduled to begin delivery in March of 2020. The figures can only be shipped to locations within Japan.


The "Rem Ukiyo-e Ver. Life-Sized Figure" retails for a whopping 3,520,000 yen (about $32,400 US) including tax, with an additional shipping cost ranging from 250,000 yen - 500,000 yen ($2300 - $4600 US), depending on the region where the figures will be delivered. 



Dengeki Hobby Web via My Game News Flash

Kadokawa Official Online Shop


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