ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Board Game Lets You Join Forces to Save Saga

Lead Franchouchou down the road to stardom in solo or group gameplay


Can't wait to see the girls of Franchouchou start their second season? Relive their journey to stardom in a new board game!


ZOMBIE LAND SAGA ~Nice Game in Your Heart SAGA~ is designed for up to four players (including a solo play option). Step into Kotaro's shoes as you assemble a group of undead stars and win the hearts of fans. You'll have to level up their skills and charm, give them lifelike makeup jobs, and build their fan base. Balance your talent and your funds (check out the "Kotaro bucks" in the sample images) to take your girls to stardom!



Once you've got the game figured out, flip the board for a more challenging setup.


ZOMBIE LAND SAGA ~Nice Game in Your Heart SAGA~ goes on sale from Amazon.jp, Gamers, and other gaming and hobby shops across Japan.


>> Watch ZOMBIE LAND SAGA on Crunchyroll


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