Get Ready for Jet Ski Action with Kandagawa JET GIRLS

New multimedia franchise from Marvelous will feature an anime and PS4 game


We've had ninja girls, racehorse girls, and So Many Idols. So what's the theme for the next multimedia franchise? Jet skis!


Kandagawa JET GIRLS was announced today by Marveous, the creators of Senran Kagura. The franchise will be spearheaded by an anime series premiering this fall, and will also include a PS4 game release.



The game and anime, which will share a cast, take place in the not-too-distant future, where tandem jet ski races have grown in popularity among high school girls. The pairs are made up of a Jetter (front rider) and Shooter (back rider). Each duo goes to a different school and rides a different jet ski—and, in universe, each jet ski is produced by a different (fictional) company.


So far, the cast consists of:


Kandagawa JET GIRLS: Rin Namiki (CV Yu Sasahara) and Misa Aoi (CV Riko Kohara)



DRESS: Kaguya Shijuuin (CV Azusa Tadokoro) and Kuromaru Manbu (CV Aya Suzaki)



Hell's Kitchen: Pan Tsui (CV Rumi Okubo) and Pan Tina (CV Naomi Oozora)



Unkai Surfers: Jennifer Peach (CV Lynn) and Emily Orange (CV Ai Fairouz)



MKHU: Manatsu Shiraishi (CV Chika Anzai) and Yuzu Midorikawa (CV Kaori Maeda)



Suiryukai: Fuuka Tamaki (CV Ayaka Asai) and Inori Misuda (CV Aya Uchida)



Two more characters are yet to be revealed. All we know so far is they'll look similar to characters from the aforementioned Senran Kagura. Any guesses from the silhouettes?



Check out the first PV:



Kandagawa JET GIRLS will premiere in Japan this October. More information on the PS4 game tie-in will be available starting in September.


>> Kandagawa JET GIRLS Website

Source: Comic Natalie, Dual Shockers





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