Quirky Cops Seek Justice in Tokunana TV Anime Trailer

New cast and TV schedule revealed for original police procedural series that hits Japanese TV in October

Seiji Nanatsuki, newly assigned to the Special7 squad, receives an unconventional greeting in the Tokunana TV anime.


Hit the sirens, because a new trailer, a new key visual, new cast members, and the Japanese TV schedule have all been revealed for Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special7 (known in Japan as Keishichō Tokumu-bu Tokushu Kyōaku-han Taisaku-Shitsu Dai-Nana-ka -Tokunana-), an upcoming original police procedural TV anime about a ragtag band of misfit cops taking on organized crime in an alternate, near-future Tokyo.


The new cast members for Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special7 include:


A charater visual of Warlock, a long-hair and scarred criminal, and his voice actor, Hiroaki Hirata.


Hiroaki Hirata as Warlock, the ruthless mastermind behind "Nine".


A character visual of Mysterious Man, a well-dressed but extremely scarred criminal, and his voice actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.


Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Mysterious Man, Warlock's right-hand man.


A character visual of Black Pearl, a genderfluid information broker and master of disguise, and their voice actor, Nobunaga Shimazaki.


And Nobunaga Shimazaki as Black Pearl, an information broken who keeps their true identity and gender a secret.


Additionally, the opening theme for Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special7, entitled "Take On Fever", is performed by OLDCODEX.



Set in the year 2x19 in Tokyo, Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special7 involves the rise of a criminal organization named "Nine" that seeks to reclaim the power of the dragons, the legendary creatures that were said to have once ruled the world. In order to combat these criminals, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department forms a special unit of highly skilled but idiosyncratic individuals called the "Special7". Will the newly assigned (and completely strait-laced) Seiji Nanatsuki be able to fit in with this band of misfit cops in order to pursue his own sense of justice?


A new key visual for Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special7 (aka "Tokunana"), featuring the main cast of unconventional cops that make up the Special7 squad.


Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special7 is directed by Takayuki Kuriyama and Harume Kosaka. The series will broadcast in Japan according to the following TV schedule:

  • AT-X: every Sunday during the 21:00 time slot beginning on October 06, 2019.
  • Tokyo MX: every Sunday during the 22:00 time slot beginning on October 06, 2019.
  • Sun TV: every Sunday during the 23:30 time slot beginning on October 06, 2019.
  • TV Aichi: every Sunday during the 26:35 time slot beginning on October 06, 2019.
  • BS Fuji: every Monday during the 24:00 time slot beginning on October 07, 2019.

Please note that some Japanese TV schedules count early-morning programming as late-night programming of the previous day, so for example the 26:35 time slot on Sunday evening is actually at 2:35am JST on Monday morning.




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